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mexican island beach wedding

My daughter had an absolute dream wedding on a tiny island right near Cancun: Isla Mujeres. Family & friends of my daughter & the groom stayed there for about a week - the island is very safe, with simple living, perfect, warm, sunny weather (with low humidity), gorgeous accommodations, (and more, of course) that made the wedding itself so special. Still dreaming of making a yearly visit to Isla Mujeres...

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Interior view of amazing Greek restaurant where my daughter's rehearsal dinner was held - Olivia's Restaurant. Gorgeous, and delicious food!

Yes. That was me. My room (at least for the latter part of the trip). I. Want. NOW!!

love this - I didn't look, but I'm sure I could have found something very similar in one of the many, many shops there in the downtown area of Isla Mujeres!

Collection of Frida's shawls!! I agree with the blog author - great inspiration!

In retrospect, I fully realize now that a shawl just isn't necessary in 85 degree weather.

Moroccan Inspired Braided Maharaja Leather by IncredibleIndia, $65.00

Great. I find a shoe that's similar to the shoe in the dress photo - lower heel - but apparently it's not for sale. Anywhere. I think it's a bit too casual, anyway...

Better heel & I prefer this style - but not crazy about the overall look.

Same sandal in photo w/dress - but I fear I'd fall with those heels!

Italian Shoemakers Melon Sandals (no, I am not intentionally *looking* for sandals with names associated with Italy, haha..) These are in my size & are only $10 - don't like the plastic piece but could cover that up.