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Helpful ideas you can use every day - at home and on the go. Unique household tips, time-savers, and DIY cleaning solutions. More fun tips & tricks at The Fun Times Guide to Household Tips: + Want to REALLY be amazed? 1000's Of New Uses For Old Things:

How To Become An Ordained Minister Online To Perform Weddings, Funerals And Baptisms (yep, it's free... online!)

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Stay Safe With Kitestring (It's FREE) - Your phone will automatically call for help IF you don't check in by a certain time! (after a date, picking up an item from Craigslist, going for a walk, etc.) #safety

Ketchup packets as icepacks. They are the perfect size for kid bumps and bruises and they stay soft so they can form to the body part. >> Smart.

These tips worked for me! --> How To Speed Up Your Computer: 5 Tips To Make Windows Faster

Ice And Heat For Sore Muscles: Is It Heat, Then Ice? Or Ice, Then Heat? Here's the scoop! #health #pain

How to Remove a Ring that is Stuck on your Finger Using Dental Floss and a Safety Pin! So simple!...

DIY ring removal technique that's used in the Emergency Room to remove a stuck ring: so simple!

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Fabric Softeners And Dryer Sheets: Myths vs Facts That You Need To Know

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Bet ya didn't know... the foods that should never be put down the kitchen disposal!

Everyone Should Take a Moment To Read This... it could save your life! P.S. Plus some SNOPES info too:

Homemade Air Freshener: Place small bowls filled with baking soda and a few drops of essential oils in a few places throughout your home. Simply, shake to refresh the fragrance.

DIY Odor Eliminator: Make deodorizing disks for your home using baking soda, boiled water, and essential oils.

Don't have a projector and want to paint something on the wall? Just use a box, a lamp, and tape!

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DIY: How to go from a scraggly lawn to a golf course lawn in one season.

How to Set A Table - see how many of each type of forks, spoons, and knives you need, based on the number of guests

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