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Behavioral Vision Care Chapter 2 Paul Alan Harris, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., F.A.C.B.O., F.A.A.O. The Space World.

Alphabet discovery bottles are an excellent for letter recognition and review. You will need an empty plastic bottle (make sure it is dry and clean) ... white rice ... and colored alphabet beads (I purchased mine a michael's craft store). I put the rice and the beads in and because my bottle was larger than a normal water bottle I put two beads for each letter in the bottle. I also made letter cards that the children can mark off each letter as they find them.

childcareland blog: Alphabet Discovery Bottle

Lego Construction dot maze - Free Printable Coloring Pages

Lego Construction dot maze - Free Printable Coloring Pages

One simple movement game that the children used to love when I was teaching was making body shapes. Immy loves it too and I think it is a great game because it is easy to play both inside and outside. In it's simplest form, to play body shapes I would ask the children to use…

Using an inner tube and a therapy ball in combination to work on dynamic balance. This encourages the child to separate upper and lower limb movement when they are encouraged to throw and catch at the same time.

Dr. Marc Taub on vision therapy tools. Vision therapy: A top 10 must-have list.

Here we see our patient Noah working w/ his vision therapist to help Noah attend to his peripheral vision while looking directly at Monica’s face. The ability to attend to periphery while maintaining fixation on a central object is not easy for the child (or adult) w/ esotropia, but this peripheral awareness skill is key to the successful development of his binocular vision. A Plexiglas window is between Noah & Monica which enables Noah to rely primarily on vision vs touch. ~from Wow VT facebook

Cleverly Connected: Keith Holland at TED. "Keith has given lectures across the world, specializing in... the role of vision in learning. He has almost 30 years' experience in optometry and began his career in The City University, London and The London Refraction Hospital."

Spatial relationships: child copies your sticker design on the other side of card. when all completed, cut apart and play "Memory"!

Rockabye Butterfly: Montessori Tray and Games!

Nashville Vision Therapy: Part VI: Figure Ground

Nashville Vision Therapy: Part VI: Figure Ground

Pediatrician Becomes Vision Therapy Believer (Part VII)

Pediatrician Becomes Vision Therapy Believer (Part VII)


FIXATION ACCURACY - Quick looks | Lynn Hellerstein

Luisa Mayer, Ph.D., an internationally known specialist in visual fields and functional vision testing, demonstrates the role of the visual field in daily life and the challenges faced when there is a field loss. Luisa describes strategies for assessing field loss in individuals who are visually impaired with additional disabilities and the associated developmental implications.

- Visual Fields, Field Loss, and Functional Vision Testing

- Visual Fields, Field Loss, and Functional Vision Testing

- Visual Fields, Field Loss, and Functional Vision Testing

Westminster boy sees progress with vision therapy (Carroll County Times, Westminster, MD)

WOW what a therapy room

Could Your Child’s Struggle with Reading and Learning be Due to an Undiagnosed Vision Problem? COVD Reaches Out to...

Patient Story - Riley - Vision Therapy

ADHD - Primitive Reflexes awesome video that explains some of the common primative reflexes and a few exercises to help integrate them... Helpful with not only ADHD but other developmental disorders and SPD.

Follow the Path - Visual Spatial Activities. See the other Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skill Activities DOWNLOADS.

Follow the Path - Visual Spatial Activities

Ready to print magic eye pictures (Hidden 3d pictures) - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Washington Vision Therapy Center: "One of our patients searches for letters in this visual maze through opposing lens powers, providing her eyes with a challenge in accommodation, or focusing."