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Music- Recorders

Joytunes...interactive recorder activities, standards based

Organization and Procedures for Recorder#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Music elementary website with SMART Board ideas. Awesome!

Downloads - The Kodály Aspiring Music Classroom

Organizing Recorder Karate music so that it's a self serve for the kids. They know that when they pass a belt they need to go and get the next song to practice. What a neat idea!

Recorder Posters: Includes letter names, fingering, and notation

Recorder Karate: Students play music on various colored cardstock - increasing in difficulty. The color of sheet music responds to the karate belt color they get to put on their recorder after they perform that music!

Recorder Ideas. I especially like the practice steps: •Say it •Finger it •Play it •Evaluate it - Did the rhythm, phrasing, tone quality sound right?

How cool is this tune? Simple harmonies sound so beautiful!

Recorder Karate Silver Belt where students create their own composition.

OnlinePracticeRec... is a free music education resource that can be used by all instrumentalists and vocalists to keep track of daily practice. The Online Practice Record allows: The practice time, music practiced, and questions/comments to be saved. The practice records to be printed and/or e-mailed to a student's teacher. The teacher to enter comments directly into a practice record (optional) The student to view statistics to help track progress.

Instead of having students stand around you with questions and such, they bring their clothespin up to you and you clip it to your clipboard, then they sit back down and you call them up when you're ready. Good idea for Recorder Karate testing!