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products I probably don't need

Written Reminder Alarm Clock ensures your poor memory is no longer an excuse. This unique alarm clock will not only be able to tell you the time, not to mention giving you a nice “wake up call”, so to speak, at the right time which you have set beforehand, but it is also able to illuminate the written reminders on its integrated dry-erase board whenever the alarm sounds in the morning.

Illuminated Dry-Erase Clocks

Back yard fort with hammocks. This is what we're planning!

Ray Ban discount site. All of less than $16.20

Excellent for a game table or outside chairs. Great idea. 3-pack of cup holder clips - These are both fun and very useful - Save 74% Just $8.99

How to make a brick rocket stove for $6.08

Baby bean bag. Genius! Great for reflux, no flat heads and it looks super comfy and cozy. Cute idea!!!!

Cool concept design. Basically a super long inflatable "path" that extends out into the water so you can either jump into the big waves or just sit and ride them out!

Omg i just died and went to shopping heaven!! Online Shopping on a Budget. So many sites I hd never heard of!

Shop Cuisinart Mix-It-In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker ICE-45 at CHEFS. I really want this!!

Warm On pebbles are sensor-fitted heat-radiating artificial stones that maintain bath water temperature for a set duration. Awesome!

For midnight trips, Motion Sensor Bath Light is easier on the eyes. You’ll be able to get back to sleep easier when you’re not jarred awake by the glare of a bright overhead light. Make a quick late-night trip to the bathroom under the light of this auto-on nightlight.

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Foot Warmers with Wireless Remote Control

Heated Insoles – The New Foot Warmers

Over-the-sink cutting board and strainer from Crate and Barrel. I want this.

Diamond Ice Mold: oooh! fancy ice! via mrs. lilien

Diamond-shaped ice-mold

Bring light to locations where electric isn't practical.

Heated Ice Scraper. Someone get me this before winter!