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Native American beadwork. Cree, Alberta, Canada.

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Daughter of the Osage and Sioux - David Yorke

Daughter of the Osage and Sioux - David Yorke

White Bull (Hunkpapa) (age 86), Sgt. Jacob Horner (age 82) - 1936 {Note: Sgt. Jacob Horner served with Co. K of Custer’s 7th Cavalry Regiment. However, he was left behind before the Little Bighorn Battle in 1876, because his horse was lame. At the time of this photo Sgt. Horner was the last surviving member of Custer’s 7th Cavalry Regiment.}

Mary Raymond-Williams - Cherokee - no date

Comanche Native American Warrior by Bretz of Fort Sill - Oklahoma Territory (c.1880s).

Always Loved ~ Christine Von Lossberg, acrylic on canvas

Christine Von Lossberg's Fantasy Art

Blackfeet Indian Stories

Blackfeet Indian Stories

In the early to mid-1860s, the Oglala chief Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta), pictured on the right in 1891, led and ultimately won a brutal and protracted fight to force the U.S. government to close the Bozeman Road through the Powder River country, the last great hunting ground of the Lakota.

Lakota (Native Americans of the Great Plains) Part 1

Dead Indians are frozen in the ice the morning after the Battle of Wounded Knee, 1890. The Wounded Knee massacre remains very much in the hearts and minds of Lakotas, with many annual remembrance ceremonies and pilgrimages to the site. The Wounded Knee massacre marked the symbolic end of large-scale Native American armed resistance in the United States.

Lakota (Native Americans of the Great Plains) Part 1

A Blackfoot Indian camp

"Oh, Ranger!" (Nature's Notes)

Yosemite Indian early photos - Sadie McGowan - Paiute Indian, Yosemite California ca. 1900 by Yosemite Native American, via Flickr

Blogs from The Modesto Bee in Modesto, CA |

Pete Mitchell (Dust Maker) - Ponca

Pete Mitchell (Dust Maker) - Ponca

"Cayuses on War Path" by Maj. Moorhous

Native Americans Indians Comanche | by David Yorke's art

Amerindian: David Yorke's art

Ojibwa Bandolier Bag