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Revamp your child's plastic alphabet letters into a fancy decoration for a fridge or bulletin board.

The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

Some other variations on How to Make Your Own Designer Concrete Pendant Lamp - Use different size bottles.

DIY .... Beware if u use cedar go ahead and remove bark! It gets on everything!!!

Oh my look book!: DIY vela de madera

How to Make a Personal Fire Pit for Cheap! - Fire Pit, Outdoors

How to Make a Personal Fire Pit for Cheap! | Crafty Brewster

24 DIY Cardboard projects

DIY Heart Petal Rose

DIY Heart Petal Rose

How to Make Easy Paper Heart Flower Wall Art

How to Make Easy Paper Heart Flower Wall Art

DIY Gorgeous Paper Roses

DIY Gorgeous Paper Roses

Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to create a cool reflective light effect.

Behr ultra Gem Turquoise wall with Chevron stencil

Turquoise and Red Bedroom

DIY Wedding Decorations - Love Story Sign - but cuter. And, since we went on our first date, it didn't pan out, then a year and a half later, we went out again and it did!

Suburban Events: DIY Wedding Decorations - Love Story Sign

Glass painting Ideas

Creative Upcycling: Glass Painting Ideas

judy kaufmann on design for mankind 3

Life, Camouflaged | Design For Mankind

Two big cushy headboards, put it in a reading room with lots of pillows... extra bed for guests if needed -- interesting.

Design Your Own Upholstered Daybed With These Tips

#DIY Sand Candles - I love these! I used drinking glasses and a votive I bought from a thrift store, added the #sand and a tea #candle. 30 minutes later I have 4 great candles for #4th of July. Made all four candles for $8 bucks! This pin was tested and reviewed by one of the 3 crazy sisters at www.madefrompinte...

DIY Sand Candles - Made From Pinterest

To do: Use a copier to scan and enlarge a jpeg file of a ticket stub or plane ticket, print it on fabric transfer, make this pillow. Making one for Cabo

8-Bit Concrete Skull Planter

You've Never Seen Lego Used This Way