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contest for Rube Goldberg machine at Purdue University

De kleinste Rube Goldberg Machine ter wereld, of zoals Guus Voermans altijd zegt: "Je hebt er niks aan maar het geeft je wel een glimlach".

Awesome rare earth metal collection

A dramatic picture taken by Michael Nolan has been dubbed the face of Mother Nature crying on a canvas of melting ice and cascading water on a Norwegian Glacier. Randy Schutt discovered this amazing photo which shows a crying face in an ice cap located on Nordaustlandet, in the Svalbard archipelago of Norway. The tears of this natural sculpture were created by a waterfall of glacial water cascading from one of the face’s eyes.

This Looks Shopped of the Day: Chris Keegan's "Celestial Images"

The Codex Gigas also known as The Devil’s Bible, once considered the eighth wonder of the world.

This is Venus, she's a Chimera cat and technically, her own twin! She's the result of four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or two embryos fused together). The two separate organisms had already started to develop, so that's why some features of both remained in this one amazing kitty! FREAKING SWEEEET

Twitter / Fascinatingpics: First Snowfall, Duluth, ...

Twitter / Fascinatingpics: Awesome picture of Europe from new years eve

Purr-fectly Timed Pictures of Cats: Let's dance!

STOP – in the naaaame of love…!

funny unintended illusions. LOL

„Online gehen: Lohnt sich das?“ – Ein Artikel von 1998 klärt auf. THX Ralf!