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Love of Nature

There is nothing quite like seeing a puppy jumping in the snow, a kitten curled up for a nap or bunnies all cuddled up together. Animals make us grin and laugh, even on the blandest of days. Hopefully these guys will give you a smile.

246 Pins

Baby spider monkey

The sleeping babe.

Sleepy koala.

Hamster on a Swing

It's cold out there! Bundle up and stay warm.

Taking a dip.

A friendly face.


Bunny cuddles.

Serval by Guy Colborne


The dapper dog.

Sloth Hug


sleepy seal.

Martin Kleppe

Mario, where's Luigi

Too cute. You can see how much this dog loves his BFF lamb buddy.

Bassett Hound and a cat. BFF's.

Leopard cub.

Sloth cuddles.

Puppy love.

Please sir, I want some more...

Deer heart ...

Fancy feline.