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Password game, one of Nana's favorites. She liked to watch the TV version, as well, hosted by Alan Ludden with contestant Betty White. Alan and Betty later married.

"Tangee is a different color on everyone! For over 70 years..." Nana's favorite lipstick. She used the "Natural" one which was orange in the tube, but turned a lovely rose color on her lips.

Vermont Country Store--Purveyors of the Practical & Hard to Find

Beeman's Gum. Always in the front of the silverware drawer at Nana's house and often in her purse, too. Still love the flavor of that gum--it takes me back every time.

How many times have I heard my Nana say this?

Mmmm... Honeysuckle.

Nana decorated tea towels, dishtowels, dresser scarves... all with beautiful silk embroidery.

Pink depression glass

Nana's favorite colors, rose and aqua.

Nana collected Bone China teacups and displayed them in a rack on the wall. I still have some of them.

RS Prussian BREAKFAST ROSE MATT Simply Tea cup and saucer

Nana's Teapot. While Papa was stationed in Germany, Nana picked up a beautiful set of china made by Krautheim Franconia. It sits in my china cabinet today, a beautiful reminder of her.

Nana LOVED the Lennon Sisters on the weekly Lawrence Welk Show.

Nana loved to float a large dahlia bloom in a shallow plate as centerpiece. Papa grew a variety of dahlias, some of them nearly the size of a dinner plate.