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Driveways and Walkways

Since I have a curved driveway that is a dominant feature in the front of my house, I want something pretty that will add to the curb appeal and allow water to permeate.

Wonderful paver and river rock mosaic patio surface, MetaMosaics. Could be a DIY project if I ever had the time.

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the Polished Pebble: Garden Design Element #1: Gravel Driveway-used turf pavers to hold the gravel.

the Polished Pebble: Garden Design Element #1: Gravel Driveway

the Polished Pebble: The Front Porch: A country icon

the Polished Pebble: The Front Porch: A country icon

A solar brick. charges during the day, uses LED. Light a path, driveway, etc. for 8 hrs at night. Should be everywhere!

Light Your Driveway Up With Solar Bricks

someday I would like to have a driveway like this... concrete pavers and grass - driveway AND patio. love it.

Pavers | Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

We fixed our old cracked driveway by widening the cracks, staining the cement and planting sod in the cracks:)

Permaturf driveway is permeable and looks like grass. You just plant grass between the honeycombs and supposedly it keeps the grass safe when you drive on it.

Installing a Green Parking Pad-A couple of fellows building a gravel driveway using ecogrid

How to Build a Green Driveway!

At Tompkins, we are constantly looking for the better products to implement into our clients projects. Recently we discovered Grasspave 2, a porous grass paving system, that allows any parking lot to be converted into a completely grass covered surface. Additionally this product can be easily used on hills and other slopped surfaces

A Palm Beach home has a driveway made of pavers with grass joints.

Don’t tread on this: Landmarks board opposes bid to add fake...

I wish I had known about these years ago! My porch would have been so much nicer. Vifah Deck Squares Turn boring cement into a beautiful wood-look deck that won’t rot, splinter or split. Can get at ikea.