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Astropr0n! (Sky & space pics)

Images of sky and space. Most are from Astronomy Picture of the Day, one of my favourite websites since I have been using teh internets.

Milky way over Utah, USA (by David Lane on 500px)

Goblins! by David Lane | 500px

Aurora over Norwegian house (by Hans Marius Mindrum on 500px)

Milky Way over Bald Knob, Cass, West Virginia

first woman astronaut shot into space, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

Moonlight by Fabrizio Lutzoni on 500px

Moonlight by Fabrizio Lutzoni | 500px

Mike Stolp-Smith Impresses During The 2013 Valle Nevado Image Quest Photo Camp | The Fix

The Fix | Outdoor Gear Reviews and Videos

NOVEMBER 2013 | WAITING FOR ISON. By the 15th of NOV the ISON comet will have moved well away from Mars, and will have begun its plunge towards the Sun, ready for its perihelion “Wheeeeeee!!!” surface-skimming swing around it on Nov 29th. By now we really will have a good idea of just how good ISON is going to be AFTER it rounds the Sun. If it hasn't got a noticeable tail by now, well, I’ll be very worried! But let’s be optimistic! Look Out for NOV - 2013!

Milky Way and the remainders of a castle. A great picture.

Milk Way & Dent de Bonaveau by klOrklOr, via Flickr thk::::::::::::::::::::::::: Bonavau, Champéry, Valais, Switzerland spending the night camping to watch the meteors shower during the so-called 'night of the shooting stars'.

The Milky Way over the Burning Bush