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Han's "I've Got a Dream" lyrics. Hahaha! And I totally read that to the tune too. XD

Oh my goodness. So precious! - Disney Bound

Oh my goodness. So precious! - Disney Bound

The Story behind the movie "Up" Before Carl and Russell took their adventures into the wilds of Venezuela, the iconic cottage house in Disney and Pixar’s Up was still on the ground, in the midst of encroaching high-rise construction. | The Real-Life Story That Inspired "Up" Is Even More Heart-Wrenching Than The Movie

Elsa and Anna This is cute!!!

Twitter / Frozen_Studios: AHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!! ...

Frozen - WHAT. THIS THEORY. This would make an awesome sequel>>> LET'S TAKE THIS AN APPLY IT TO ELSA AND HANS IN SOME WAY...HELSA

Frozen concept art - Elsa Look at the range of emotions! This is why Disney is the best!