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Homemade Ant Poison 1 cup water 2 cups sugar 2 tablespoons Borax Boil on stove for 3 minutes, let cool, put in shallow container in home or outside. This is poison kool-aid for the ants. They take it back to colony. It kills the whole colony! This is 100% safe for pets and kids. It may cause some mild upset tummies and the runs but not anything major. Posted from All Things Homemade - Facebook

Eternity bed!! for all the pets and kids that may wonder into bed in the middle of the night...hello perfection

Canon Tutorials: 24 DSLR tips for getting more from your EOS camera | Canon D-SLR Skills, Photography Tutorials | PhotoPlus

tub in shower-kids can splash and swim as much as they want! This is a brilliant idea for adults too. Whenever I take a bubble bath I end up wanting to shower off at the end. This way you can just step out of the tub and shower off.---- genius. If I ever build a house it will have this.

This Is PERFECT!!! $19.95 ____ 5 Line Indoor Clothesline Add 60 feet of drying space, then retract when done! Five cotton lines extend 12.25’ for over 60 feet of drying space in your bathroom, garage, mudroom or laundry room. When not in use, simply simply retract. Save money, energy and and extend the life of your clothes by air-drying them. Mounting

making curtains for my apt next..."How to make CHEAP, professional-looking curtain rod for under 10.00. I give this blogger 5 stars for providing such a great, detailed tutorial!"

OXO Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer | Sur La Table