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• Lets Pee Our Pants •

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So me

Hey that's me

Me to my parents 😂😂😂

My reaction when I connect to free wifi -

Eminem is a vampire -

oh Blake, you're awesome

I'm a problem solver.

You're Gonna Regret that in the Morning

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This doormat has an eye for quality

Girls Engagement ring Expecations vs. Reality -

Sweat Pants, exercise, opposite

What the fox says...

i laughed WAY too hard over this!!

Hahahahahahaha. My 2 favorite things combined.


The V... - The Meta Picture


Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)


Every time I eat popcorn…

Funny Animal memes -

Hahahaha this cracked me up so hard lol

I need to do this hahahaahah