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Broken Heart Quotes :(

Stop expecting to be impressed, most people are struggling to get to the basics.

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The hardest part of a breakup, is not going with the routine you had with your ex. Finding other things to replace the dates, the phone calls, the constant texting, the urge to see each other, the promises made, the laughter, the intimate moments, the I love you's, the I miss you's, the comfort and the love that you both shared.

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How to Tighten up your writing by getting rid of passive voice

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30+ Broken Heart Quotes

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One of the hardest lessons I had to learn, was how to make myself feel better instead of asking for help from the same person that made me hurt to begin with ...

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Just don't come back to my heart tonight 'cause you got drunk and you changed your mind...

Realizing the Truth Quotes | 35 Broken Heart Quotes | Graphicsheat

35 Broken Heart Quotes | Graphicsheat

I smile all day long at work and around people but when I'm alone I cry all the time will i ever be happy again

The Life Quotes: Broken Heart Quotes For Her

Inspirational quote broken heart quotes Heart Ache Sadness Depression Breakup

Inspirational quote broken heart quotes Heart Ache Sadness Depression Breakup

i wish getting over you was as easy as it was for you to walk away

that feeling you get in your stomach when your heart breaks. it's like all the butterflies just died

Like a stranger with the sweetest memories?

I smile like nothing's wrong, act all perfect, pretend im okay, but inside he really hurt my feelings, i may be smiling, but im a flower, who wilted in the inside, i can't believe he did that, after how I've been so nice.... If you know me, You know who he is.......

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I just got rejected by someone i really loved. Its really painful. Especially when they weren't even yours. :'(

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Broken Heart Quotes | via Tumblr

Broken Heart Quotes | via Tumblr

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Broken Heart Quotes For Him

The insecure self who we try to battle with logic and reason, but often lose because the feelings are stronger than our current state of mind. Plant your feet in yourself and the battle will be won before it has even begun.

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