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Occult Tattoos

occult symbols, skulls, engraving, wood block, magic, sacred geometry, masonic, esoteric, danse macabre, medieval, etc.

Pan | Gusak - Kingdom Tattoo - Kiev

Mirja Fenris

Anubis, weighing a heart against the feather of Maat, day and night over the pyramids | Philip Yarnell

Snake, dowsing pendulum, sacred geometry | Mirja Fenris

Veve tattoo - Sara Lou | Forgotten Saints Tattoo Studio

witch riding on a goat - Baylen Levore

occult skull, moon phases, and crystal tattoo - Baylen Levore

skull, talons, alchemical earth symbol - Valentin Hirsch

Valentin Hirsch » Loic

triangular palm tattoos (incl. 1 deathly hallows) - Jodi Lyford

winged ouroborous - Liam Sparkes

Baba Yaga's chicken legged hut (Slavic folklore) - Liam Sparkes