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Monster Munch by A Pumpkin & Princess - such a fun and yummy halloween treat!!

Test Your Might! Clever advetisment design for a tattoo studio looking for a new artist. To get the info you have to carefully fill in the QR code.

After 3 sets of this circuit, your legs will burn and you will feel exhausted. Just remember, that burn and exhaustion is what stems change!

  • HCee Mack

    You know that's ok... most people's eyes are not the same size anyway and unless you're a print model (in magazines) most don't even notice...

Luke... I am your... childhood dog your parents told you ran away while you were at camp. But really, your dad accidentally ran me over with the car and now I am back for revenge from beyond the grave!! muahhahahaha

5 Longest living dog breeds.. Dont spam please just scroll down to the bottom - just above the comments - click either newer post or older post to see all. Thanks