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Horrible tattoos!

...NO!!!. I just wonder.. How does your mother feel about the one tattoo stamped On your forehead.

Horrible Picture of Current Tattoo - Adding On

Such a Funny Tattoo! BAHAHAHAHA who has that much hair in that random spot on their arm? Clearly, this speaks a lot about evolution and the the people with tattoo fails.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD REALLY THINK ABOUT THE TATOO YOU WANT! this guy was trying to get his lasered off, and suffered horrible blistering and such. yuck!

Session 1, horrible rise and heart tattoo cover up using flesh tones tattoo ink by me

I guess he captured their essence. Their creepy, inner demon essence. "It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It's probably the best drawing I've ever done."

Derpy tattoos unite! (38 Photos)

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Dont worry mom, not a tattoo just a drawing with ink. Antho I wish it was a tattoo, because then it would be a permanent reminder for my horrible memory, to think of the bible before I open my mouth. :/

[OMG look at the horrible size discrepancies! Have you ever been so proud to be an American that you shrank Australia and Africa to half size and doubled your own country??? Lame.] Take The World Upon Your Shoulders: World Map Tattoos

Couple Heart Tattoo: I guess this is supposed to be romantic, and yea it's kinda cool, but I think it's still funny because this would look hideous when they aren't hugging each other. And what are they gonna do when they breakup? Lol guess they didn't think it through...

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