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Barge with Maersk Line containers.

Top 10 container shipping companies in order of size (with Maersk Line being no. 1, of course). By Erfaan Mukaddam via Facebook.

Containers after a tsunami hit the Port of Sandai on 12 March 2011.

Port of Singapore - TiltShift by Rukasu1, via Flickr

Beautiful picture of containers with Genoa, Italy, in the background @cdtdd - #statigram

Instagram photo by @dd92_ (Dale Donlon) - via Iconosquare

Great picture of Maersk Line containers "from above" @are_nep - #statigram

Maersk containers on the move.

Instagram photo by @iandrew74 (#instashipping ) | Iconosquare

Maersk container in Germany

Instagram photo by @camillajacobs (Camilla Jacobs) | Iconosquare

The sun makes an extra star.

Different containers

Maersk container spotted by Jonathan Jørgensen

Twitter / YodaVonBeck: Container spotting #maerskline ...

The Climate Box arriving in Budapest.

A Maersk container crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House in the background.

Uganda’s Skateboarding Scene (with Maersk Line containers in the background) - Photographs -

Uganda’s Skateboarding Scene

People jumping in front of shipping containers via Instagram

Maersk in Mumbai. (Taken with Instagram)

Refrigerated Maersk shipping container - Instgram

The container yard at the Port of Aarhus. As seen from the bridge of Ebba Maersk. Photo courtesy of BBC. (Taken with instagram)

Instagram of stacked reefer containers i Colombia by @brianwjones

Port operations in Praia, Cabo Verde. Loading onto Troense Mærsk. Instagram by @maranus.

The best way to use Instagram on the web and iPad | Pictacular

#maersk. by @first_imc via Pinstagram

The best way to use Instagram on the web and iPad | Pictacular

Container being loaded in the Port of Qingdao, China