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Quiet! I am hunting marshmallow.

A baby and his best friend

This apple is warm.

This one tastes of strawberries.

When this ice melts I shall feast.

So trusting. And yet, all that separates us is this thin pane of glass and my restraint.

Prince Charles wants sweeties.

Baby tasting.

With their combined weight, Puppies will subsume Baby.

"Just a moment, just one moment, just another moment of nursery," they wailed. "Oh, George," said the wife, "it can't hurt."

The boy smells of croissant and chocolate milk.

Polar Bear wants to eat your young.

Cat regrets allowing the baby so much time to gather strength.

Baby tastes of peanut butter and raspberry jam.

Bear is not fooled by your ruse. Bear knows you to be delicious.

18 of the Most Important Meetings of All Time

The whale is coming to eat your young.

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