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Smudging, a ritual to remove negativity, is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful Native American cleansing technique....

Smudge to Get Rid of Negative Energy


Zemanek-Münster 5102-002

Mali | Talisman from the Dogon people | Leather, shell and bronze sun made using the lost wax method

Large Turtle Shell Medicine Pouch with Sun design painted in gold with red beads on the back. R.Neganigwane (Pheasant); artwork J.Jacko. Visit our site for more Medicine Pouches

Large Turtle Shell Medicine Pouch - sun 1

Dogon amulet

Stone votive relief of an eye, Cypriot, 4th or 3rd century BCE

Mesopotamian Stone Spectacle Idol, c. 3000 BCE. The architectonic base of rectangular form with rounded edges, decorated with reed houses with characteristic arching doorways, band of zigzags and chevrons above, the "eyes" on a long conical-shaped neck.

shaman amulet necklace | Spirits Among Us » Blog Archive » Talisman Pendant


'Fums up' lucky charm. 'The 'Fums up' lucky charm was a popular trinket given to servicemen, usually by their sweethearts. The head is made from wood so its owner would "touch wood" for good luck.

The story goes that this amber bear amulet was found in 1887 in a peat bog near Slupsk, a city in northern Poland. The amber bear is believed to be from the Neolithic period and was dated between 1700 and 650 BC.

This 3000 Year Old Amulet Kind of Looks Like a Gummy Bear

Africa | Two bone pendants from Ethiopia | Early 1900s

"This may be a 17th C charmstone of the kind represented in the collections of the NMS, where round crystals are found set in silver on a chain for dipping into liquids as charms against disease, see Hugh Cheape, Charms against witchcraft in Goodare and Martin and Miller, Witchcraft and belief in early modern Scotland . Meaney suggests these balls were frequently complemented with a sieve-spoon and were mostly found in female burials. Source: British Museum"

Armenian Wheel of Eternity

We Are Our Mountains /|\ Armenia, Artsakh, Spyurk

Gold Amulet Pendant, Roman, 2nd century C.E.

Gold Amulet Pendant | Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

Holy Gaharu Wooden Amulet Filled with Sacred Herbs, Indonesia

Holy Gaharu Wooden Amulet Filled with Sacred Herbs

Old Beaded doll with Amulets, Fali, Cameroon | Image credit Anne Porteus

Amulet of amber from a woman's grave dated to the early Viking Age (800s AD). Found on the farm Line in Time municipality that area. The shape resembles a fetus at an early stage of development. Photo: Terje Tveit, AM UIs.

Gorgeous SHAMROCK Connemara Marble Sterling Vintage Charm

Reliquary Pendant for the Holy Thorn

Reliquary Pendant for the Holy Thorn - Treasures of Heaven

Syrian marble double 'eye' goddess, Tell Brak, 4th millennium b.c.e.

Shaman's Mask Alaska: Inuit Nineteenth century CE This is the body of a shaman or the body of a tutelary deity, unexpectedly exposing unusual internal organs. We witness here the religious life as a "body" opened up, broken down, and transformed.

Brazil | Silver and coral talismanic Balanganda | Bahia, 19th century

Silver Brazilian Balanganda