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Women I Admire

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Althea Gibson broke the color barrier to become the first African American woman to compete on the world tennis tour

Stephanie Kwolek is the American chemist who invented Kevlar. While working for DuPont, she researched a lightweight yet strong fiber to be used in tires. Instead, she created a fiber that was stronger than nylon and ounce for ounce five times stronger than steel. A new field of polymer chemistry quickly arose.

Gerda Taro (1910-1937) war photographer, and the companion and professional partner of photographer Robert Capa. Taro is regarded as the first female photojournalist to cover the front lines of a war and to die while doing so.

By the time Carpathia reached New York harbor, Margaret (Molly Brown) had helped establish the Survivor's Committee, been elected as chair, and raised almost $10,000 for destitute survivors. #MollyBrown #Titanic

✯ Susie King Taylor ..August 6, 1848 - October 6, 1912.. was an African American Army Nurse; she worked with black Union troops during the Civil War. As the author of Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33d United States Colored Troops, Late 1st S.C. Volunteers, she was the only African American woman to publish a memoir of her wartime experiences. She was also the first African American to teach openly in a school for former slaves in Georgia.✯

10 Unsung Heroes Of Black History

A true hero

A true hero... - The Meta Picture

Marjorie Lee Browne (September 9, 1914 – October 19, 1979) was a notable mathematics educator, the second African-American woman to receive a doctoral degree in the U.S., and one of the first black women to receive a doctorate in mathematics in the U.S.

Dorothy Day with her prison dress. On November 1917 Day went to prison for being one of forty women in front of the White House protesting women's exclusion from the electorate. Photo b/w, history, woman, female.

Artist and feminist activist Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, born in 1827 (d. 1891), was a founder of the women's rights/suffrage movement in Britain. She wrote "A Brief Summary, in Plain Language, of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women," which listed for the first time the legal restrictions under which women lived. This book helped move forward the Married Women's Property Act. When she died, a newspaper wrote, "The deceased lady was a militant Radical, but she lived only to do good."

Historic Newspapers~ The World dated 02/02/1890 -- New York World correspondent Nellie Bly circled the globe in record time: 72 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes. The trip, sponsored and arranged by the young female reporter's newspaper, retraced the journey of fictional character Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne's book "Around the World in Eighty Days." On exhibit in the News Corporation News History Gallery at the Newseum. Newseum collection Photo credit: Newseum collection

Edna Beard (1877-1928) Edna was the first woman to serve in the Vermont legislature (1921).  Her first act of legislation provided 2 dollars a week in child support for women whose husbands were “incapacitated by an incurable disease.”  After serving one term in the Vermont House, she moved on to the Vermont Senate where she chaired the Library Committee.  Her first enacted bill in the Senate made it possible for county sheriffs to hire female deputies.

The first Hispanic woman in the world to go to space, Ellen Ochoa is an absolute Rennaisance woman. A classically-trained flautist, former astronaut and pioneer of spacecraft technology (who patented an optical system used in automated space exploration--and which also removes "noise in software like Photoshop) she has spent nearly 1,000 hours in space and is serving as the Deputy Director of the Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. #STEM #astronaut #women #role_model #herstory #heroine

Sassy Magazine . jane pratt was, is, and always will be cool.

"Wonder Woman: breaking the chains of prejudice, prudery and man’s superiority since 1941." (Art by H.G. Peter)

Annette Kellerman promotes women's right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit, 1907. She was arrested for indecency.

40 Must-See Photos From The Past

Wonder Woman

Katharine Hepburn, 1930s.

Nellie Tayloe Ross

Katharine Hepburn being awesome

Madeleine Albright

Gilda Radner

Madeline Kahn.

“Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in 1916, travelling to work at offices in London where she was a supervisor. The ...

Retronaut - 1916: Suffragette on a scooter

Jeannie Epper, Wonder Woman stunt double, with her Wonder Woman acting double Lynda Carter (1976) “There’s not any one thing I can say about why I love it. It’s not for the paycheck. It empowers me. It gives me a sense of great accomplishment and control. As a woman, when you pull off something that only men do, it raises respect for all women.” -Jeannie Epper Jeannie Epper did her first professional stunt at 9 (1950): She rode a horse bareback down a cliff. Now, 57 years later, she’s considered by many to be the greatest stuntwoman who’s ever lived. Earlier this year, she was the first woman to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars of the stunt world, the Taurus World Stunt Awards. Right before they began the tribute, a procession of nearly a hundred stuntwomen walked on stage. All of them owed their careers to Jeannie. -via Danger is Their Middle Name

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