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Brie-and-Sausage Breakfast Casserole Ingredients: 1 (8-ounce) round Brie* 1 pound ground hot pork sausage 6 white sandwich bread slices 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese.. Click on the image for the Complete Recipe!!

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The thought of a video having the chance to become a viral sensation is what drives marketer's productions.  Unfortunately for them, it is usually the non-produced, non-staged videos that explode into the viral video atmosphere.  Every once in a while a heavily produced video achieves this level of success. When a produced viral video hits the social media grid, many times it is because it has minimal production, an amateur style of cinematography, or some unique feature that drives its success. Let's face it, the general public is tired of all the special effects and staged environments. People embrace watching real human experience, and they want to laugh until they cry.  Both of these connections with Joe Public are attainable to video marketers.  To take home the viral video gold, its crucial that producers completely understand the message they seek to portray.  More importantly, they must prepare a targeted marketing plan for delivery of that message.  For marketers, a viral video is not some simple project that you decide to put together overnight.  It either takes a proper and precise plan to make a viral video, and many times some good old fashioned luck as well. Viral Video: A Closer Look I will discuss some videos that can help you understand what it takes to capture the viral video gold. These videos are highly thought out, and lack the feel of a big budget commercial. You will notice their focus on the experience of the brand while using social and comedic techniques to express brand identity.  These videos do an exceptional job presenting their message to their specific demographic and have become viral video success stories. Nike's Viral Video and Message (Experience) Nike does an excellent job tapping into its customers psyche by allowing the viewer to live through the video. You get a feeling of excitement, freedom and an increased value of life.  Its also important to notice their usage of the hashtag which allows for the Nike brand to be passed on through the social media grid by anyone around the world.  From what we hear, Casey Neistat, a film producer who has made many videos for Nike decided to go outside of the agreed upon contract and travel the world. Whether this is a true fact or part of the marketing campaign really doesn't matter, because ultimately Nike gains increased visibility and is successful in passing on their message. Viral Video: Our Blades Are F***ing Great (Comedy) The unknown start-up hit the floor running with this viral video and was able to pull in over a half a million views in under two days. This viral video focused on their demographic and tapped into the "mans, man" persona. The message is filled with comedy and odd characters which makes you want to rewind to watch it again. After viewing it for the first time I was wondering if this was a real company. What did I do next, I went online to their website to see if it was a real company or just a spoof. This comedic viral video produced an action in the consumer, which is what you want from a viral video campaign. TNT Viral Video:  A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square (Social Experiment) While most people prefer to live a drama-free lifestyle, TNT takes advantage of their audience's curiosity when it comes to the drama of others.  They focus attention with music designed to foreshadow a sense of impending doom.   They use a "social experiment" technique, which makes viewers believe everyone is watching.  The viewer doesn't want to miss out either.  It grabs interest like a train-wreck, you can't look away.   The action is fast and furious, further drawing the viewer in, while making them forget they are being marketed to.  In the end, the viewer is left entertained with the thought:  the action that has just entertained me is available daily on the TNT network. Top 10 Viral Video Tips These tips on how to create a viral video can be the difference between success and failure: Understand your demographic/audience. What do they like, how do they feel, what is meaningful to them? Connect with your audience. Humanize the video, empathize with your viewer and engage on those facts. Get to the point. You have only 10-15 seconds to capture the attention of the viewer, make it count. Make it short. Viewers are busy and don't have time to wait for you to get to the punch line, be precise and quick. Know when to publish your video. Make sure you know your demographic well and when is the best time to submit your video. Trigger the psyche of the viewer. Some examples are shock, comedy, disgusting, weird and sexy. Leverage social media. Utilize a hashtag, upload a photo gallery, upload your video to multiple networks like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. Set it free. Allow users to distribute your video or download your video. Let them embrace the message. Send it to experts in your niche. Don't be afraid to email it to the top bloggers in your niche, they may just help get the boost you need. Analyze your viewers. Use Google Analytics or other tracking software to learn more about your viewers interaction with your viral video. Top 10 Viral Video Topics Below is a quick list of the top categories for viral video. Some viral videos are amateur and are not looking to brand themselves, while others are fully produced music videos trying to push out their music. Entertainment/Comedy Hidden/Surprising Talent Man Kind (Kids, Babies and Adults) Music Videos Strange and Odd (Think, Chocolate Rain!) Pets and Animals Unpredictable Events Parodies Copycat/Voice-over Social Experiments Let us know your thoughts on the viral video topic. We would love to hear what other video topics you find important as well as other viral video tips.

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