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xx..tracy porter..poetic wanderlust...-Olde English Babydoll Southdowns are outstanding pets who produce wool that is a hand spinner’s delight. They provide organic weeding and make excellent companion animals and are also a sound investment opportunity.

Facebook staff rally around foxes and earn a Certified Wildlife Habitat!:

A worker in a zoo holds a tiny Testudo Kleinmanni hatchling. The endangered species is also known as the Egyptian tortoise, and was rescued from the suitcase of a smuggler found in Rome.

gorgeous Gypsy Vanner... if i win the lottery i'm moving to the countryside in England and spending all my time chain smoking and clopping around with two of these babies pulling me in a cart to buy beer. i will name them Edgar and Francis.

Paladin Photo by wyvernstorm | Photobucket

Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge, Long Island, NY. About 300 species of birds have been documented at Wertheim. The refuge winters up to 5,000 waterfowl, the majority being black ducks - a species in nationwide decline. The coastal location also makes this refuge an excellent migration corridor for shorebirds, raptors and songbirds.