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rock + sea glass collection in a bathroom

Scott and Jacqui's Artistic Homestead House Tour

this is the perfect summary of our trip to switzerland, even if we didn't see this exact spiez castle. it looks so like where we climbed on saturday (mountains and winery) and where we sight-saw on sunday (lake and castle/village). um and it's just plain GORGEOUS. poster, why you gotta be $99?

Swiss Spiez Giclee Print at

i just bought this for our travel poster collection and to always remember our recent three-years-later honeymoon to paris. it is the perfect summary of our vacation!

everything about this is perfect. which is why i bought it and we got it framed at michael's with a 65% off coupon so now i get to see it every morning on my way to the kitchen.

Egypt The Nile River c.1930s Art Print by H. Hashim at

black and white photo collage in the dining area| House & Home

bits + bobs displayed in a printer's tray

ChalkByNumber Chalkboard Tree by dirtsastudio on Etsy, $65.00 WOW!!!

Under the sea ... "Whale & Sea" - Original Etching and Collage by freshandsilly on Etsy

Wall of Instagram photos. This is great. via:

Little Things Bring Smiles: .Corner Gallery: Part 1.

"Wall of Frames - definitely a must. Also, I love the Miranda July quote that is framed, "Dear Life, Do you want to hang out tonight? I should warn you that I will not be wearing any make-up and my hair is dirty. If you can handle that, call me. Yours, Miranda July" Yep, might have to steal that idea."