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diy outdoor planter projects

Buy or DIY: Outdoor Square Planters - Centsational Girl

A solar brick. charges during the day, uses LED. Light a path, driveway, etc. for 8 hrs at night.

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Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 35 Pics

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 35 Pics

17 raised garden bed ideas

This page contains tips for saving seeds. There is a little more to saving seeds than just collecting them.

Renee's Articles: Gardening in the Shade: what to plant if you don't have full sun

Great idea for those that like an easy, nice, neat and tidy solution to garden beds in their back yard that is also space saving. Tiered Raised Garden Beds This might be a good solution for my veggie/ herb garden

Cucumbers tend to take over other plants, so they should be grown by themselves. Who knew? This is from a great blog- 100 Days of Real Food

129 cukes per plant- not bad- gotta try it myself!

Mini Greenhouse - raised garden beds. Beautiful! I would incorporate storage underneath to use less soil & maximize space

Growing Ginger Roots from the Grocery Store

Here are my 5 favorite container vegetables for beginning gardeners, plus container gardening tips and tricks for a great harvest.

Cucamelons: they're grape-sized watermelons that taste like cucumbers with a tinge of lime. And they're totally easy to grow! I need these!!!!!

planter box designs | build it with redwood horizontal paneled planter planter box assembly ...

Simply pour 2 cups of CLUB SODA directly in the center of a fire ant mound. The carbon dioxide in the water is heavier than air and displaces oxygen which suffocates the queen and the other ants. The whole colony will be dead within about two days. Each mound must be treated individually and a one liter bottle of club soda will kill 2 to 3 mounds.../ # Pin++ for Pinterest #

You won't believe how easy it is to get rid of all those ants for good.

re-purposed toilet paper roll planters, plus 6 more repurposing ideas for your garden