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So this staircase is pretty mad, but not as mad as the site it comes from - !

It's a shelf AND a staircase - by Sebastian Errazuriz

Michel de Broin designed this knotted staircase for the good people of Montreal

Another Lang Baumann project 0 this one in Buenos Aires (curated by Sigismond de Vajay)

Heatherwick Studio created this mad staircase for a shop in NY - pity about the safety rail!

Kids plastic suspended stairs in a house designed by Nathalie Wolberg-Architecture (Paris)

the 'ribbon illusion' staircase by HRH Architects. Could you make stairs that have folded into the floor and are extended?

World's longest staircase, 11,674 steps in Switzerland at the Niesenbahn funicular railway

File:Niesen4.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This 'endless' staircase is in front of the KPMG building in Munich

Aaron Tang's stairs are held flush against the wall until needed - then with a system of pistons and actuators, are revealed as stairs

These stairs hang - they're a box really. Blencowe-Levine, Battersea.

Madness from E-Stairs

Brilliant solution by Unicraft Joinery, Ballarat

The Zee Stair - sawn from a pier. Jan Korbes