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Ideas for my future art studio: layout and furniture

craft studio

from - "19 Artist’s Studios and Workspace Interior Design Ideas" Fixture designed by Ron Gilad, 2005

19 Artist’s Studios and Workspace Interior Design Ideas

Craft storage by toriejayne

Torie Jayne: My Craft Desk tutorial from "Craft, Show & Sell"

Completed Closet Makeover

SunShine Sews...: Completed Closet Makeover

Side tray on craft table using a picture ledge shelf. Keeps tools off the table.

craft storage in a closet

  • Stephanie Fretz

    Thanks Michelle! That's awesome.

  • Michelle Ellison

    Thought you would like it. I need to hire someone to do this for

  • Stephanie Fretz

    Same here but with all of koopers Legos! He still asks to go play with all yours! Roman was here a few weeks ago and was telling him about it lol!

lovely workspace,,,, needs more storage

Tour the Studio | Anastasia Marie

Crafty Storage - the whole website is full of amazing storage solutions!

CRAFTY STORAGE: Heather's craft room

Just Make Stuff Blog...Craft Room. Love the metal desk, the reasonable not cutesy storage, and the dual monitors.

Just Make Stuff: Craft Room

Build your own storage bins perfect for any craft room, playroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Lost Button Studio: Playroom Furniture

The most incredible craft room tour you'll probably ever take... TONS of amazing ideas for unique and beautiful storage! By Raising up Rubies

Raising up Rubies: a cute place to make stuff ♥

New studio for The Little Yellow Farmhouse. Check out the details here: two complete work stations,covered storage, floor to ceiling cabinets, a big window, smooth sweepable floor. one the wall you cannot see are floor to ceiling racks to store her fabric (she's a quilter), entrance to the family area, and a FIREPLACE!

My Yellow Farmhouse: I'm Doing The Happy Dance

Sewing/Craft Room DREAMY: things I love include the smooth floor (easy sweeping), the big window, and the window seat for reading and planning. Flat narrow storage plus wide and deep storage. Corner work area is a little tight. I would make a few changes. Color = bluer. Cabinets above would have doors, even just glass ones, for dust protection. Add under counter OTT lights. BIG work table in the center. Maybe a second workstation off to the left. But this set up is gloriously wonderful.

Luckiest Girl In the World

white craft studio. Like the face to face work surface for two, and the narrow tray drawers.

contemporary white interior | Daily Dream Decor

How to Organize a Craft Room - this article actually has some practical steps if you are clueless about how to organize (like me)

HowStuffWorks "How to Organize a Craft Room"

make a bulletin board out of a drawer, so cute. Line bottom with a layer of cork, then fabric. Put a hanger of any type on the back. Boom.

Creative Bulletin Boards to Craft

craft room/office closet with screen doors and pull out shelving. I would choose a different color, but the idea has appeal.

chalkboard wall & all kinds of other goodies via funky junk interiors

Funky Junk Interiors: A boy's big bedroom plans - we've started!

everything within reach . . . love the use of the type tray

Studio | simply autumn