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Amelia Earhart at sixteen, St. Paul Schools, Minnesota, 1914 Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University My gosh she was stunning - LK

Emma and Jesse, Illinois, 1907

Roy and Virgie, Illinois, 1909. Aren't you glad that man's hairdo is no longer popular?

Josie from Nebraska, ca. 1905. She's adorable.

Kittie from Ohio, 1900

Tupie from Texas, 1905. Pinned just for that hairdo! Big Texas hair, even then...

Adelia and John, Washington, 1911

The Homestead Act of 1862. Families were allowed 160 acres for a small filing fee and 5 yrs of residency. 45% of all the land in Nebraska was given away by the federal government under these provisions.

In America, the Ulster Scots became known as the Scotch-Irish. Harkins believes the most credible theory of the term "hillbilly"'s origin is that it derives from the linkage of two older Scottish expressions, "hill-folk" and "billie" which was a synonym for "fellow", similar to "guy" or "bloke".

Frank and Freda, Montana, 1923. Lots of photos of women with the wedding veil on but not the wedding dress.... I wonder why?

Lorene from Illinois, 1901