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What It Would Look Like If the Moon Orbited the Earth at the Same Distance as the International Space Station... woah, I've had dreams where stuff like this happens.

Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone" - Official Interactive Video... this is so weird and awesome :D


I got a 1st place in Dover's Holiday coloring contest? What??? That's awesome... but, you know, you could have told me!

  • Rachel Layman

    That's cool! Is there a prize?

  • Sarah

    Yes, but I'm thinking now they must have sent me an email but it got lost in, and subsequently deleted from, my spam folder. So I guess I missed out. D:

Man solves Rubik's Cube while juggling... Well, that is just crazy.

Okay, that's pretty creepy.... 3/3 so far.

  • Rachel Layman

    Wow this is the coolest thing ever! How does it know??

  • Rachel Layman

    It has gone over 20 questions a couple times. And there's always an error when I click yes at the end. Weird.

I'm a huge dork. I know it and I don't even care... because this fan made music video for Dethklok's "Rejoin" literally gave me chills... all, like, 6 times I watched it already.

How to write Gallifreyan: This looks awesome.... and terribly confusing

Italian artist Giuseppe Penone currently has an installation in Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario, in which Penone has carefully removed rings of growth from a fir tree to reveal its former young shape hidden beneath decades of growth. "Penone arrives at these forms by carving the tree trunk leaving the knots in place until they emerge as limbs, revealing the sapling within."

Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan modified a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter, replacing the letters and keys with color pads and hued labels to create a functional “painting” device called the Chromatic Typewriter. That's awesome!