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Evidence and proof, or GTFO.

Quoting from an outdated book (that was written by people not God) is not proof the book is true. 'The Bible says the Bible is true' is not evidence, it's brainwashing.

Same old same old. I wonder who'll be the next holy one, Harry Potter? Ryan Gosling?

Christian logic

Now stop saying that Hitler was an atheist and Einstein was a Christian.

Abortions are primarily caused by 3 factors: 1. Unwanted Pregnancy; 2. Lack of Readily Available Contraception Sex Education; 3. Fundamentalist Religious Dogma

Twitter / AmyHamnerWalker: #SCOTUS #HobbyLobby #WarOnWomen ...

'How to stop your child becoming an atheist.' Brilliant.

Atheism 411 (Atheism411) on Twitter

If your (version of) god is so great, what's the answer??

And suddenly the world becomes a more loving and peaceful place.

Religion, Superstition and Mythology free! :D ♥

Thank you, Superman. It's like kryptonite for the mind! Superman saves the day!

This requires great parents! Good job buddy!