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If you're blonde, it might take longer to understand this joke. Just wait for it...

Another hilarious funny meme from the house of funny. Click this picture to see a bunch more!

718-funny-meme-picture-33 : Jeremy's House of Funny

This actually happens a lot at work. I was running on no sleep and one of my coworkers grazed my boobs, which lead to a girl on girl office "lets touch each others boob" party lol. No guys around or they would have been drooling. lol

I bake cookies and shit

Little penguin being tickled. i just died 5 times

Why does Target do this to Everyone?! You go to spend $30 and an hour later (yes, an hour later) you come out and spent $300 easily on Diapers, baby stuff, house stuff, clothes, DVDs, Beauty products, husband stuff!! :(( Now, to keep you there longer, they've added a mini-grocery section!!! 😨

The Exploding Cake… PERFECT APRIL FOOLS JOKE.. or a mean burthday surprise! I am so doing this sometime.