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Here is a song I created to help my 6th grade students study. I hope you enjoy. Heat is transferred three ways, Oh, oh From one place to another in waves, Oh, oh Always moving from hot to frozen, Oh, oh Moves better through some material, Oh Convection's how energy in fluids will go When liquids or gasses are heated they grow As it expands and...

The Heating Song. Here is a video I created for my 6th grade science students to help them study.I hope you enjoy. Today we'll talk about waves of heating I wanna get it into your head Radiation, Convection, or it might be Conduction Cause Heat Transfers from hot things to cold things I'm gonna kick off my shoes and lie in the sand Feel ...

Science Common Core Resources

Scale of the Planets - Space Facts - Earth is Pretty Small!

101 Websites for Science Teachers awesome websites with lots of info and activities

Science Notebooking- mind maps great science activities

Biology worksheets # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Disney has a major education website! Bill Nye the Science Guy and School House Rock included. Nifty! # Pinterest++ for iPad #

A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains. So many other engaging (and easy to replicate) Earth science activities on her site! # Pinterest++ for iPad #

why we need sunscreen experiment when we study the sun # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Photosynthesis, explained in 4 easy-to-follow steps. Click thru for FREE PDF download, great for a quick lesson during Earth Month! # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Interactive Science Notebook - revolve and rotate # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Cell Model Project Guide and Rubrics This is a 5 page document includes project requires for students to create both an animal and plant cell model as well as prepare a short presentation. The pages include model and presentation expectations, parent's signature, diagrams of both plant and animal cells, and a grading rubrics.

Parent contact index cards. The Wise & Witty Teacher: Freebies! # Pinterest++ for iPad #