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80s and 90s toys n' stuff

LOVED this back in the day!

Clearly Canadian Flavored Water.

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Dolls The Sweet Scented Ones!

Adventures in Babysitting

  • Brittany Spraggins

    I watched this so much as a kid that my parents had to throw the vhs out because I wore out the film ribbon.

90's Pacifier Necklace...why were these big again?

  • Jennifer Nice

    because when people took ecstasy in clubs, the pacifier could be put into the person's mouth to disguise the facial spasms that resulted: sinister now, isn't it.

  • Nerina Chiodo

    Also TLC wore them along with condoms on their clothing

  • Kaitlyn Betts

    ecstasy/mdma makes you grind your teeth so the pacifiers help with that

Fruit Scented Pencils

caboodle...who DIDN'T have one lol

Bonkers. i used to loooove these as a kid.

  • Denise Egerton

    I still have my sticker book packed up in a box somehere. I forgot all about that....

Fischer Price Stove - The burners would "Light up"!

  • Bridget Delaney

    I had one of these when I was little. My mom's poor dog that lived with my grandparents. I'd push it into him. He was so gentle that he just walked away. I think I did it because I was a bit scared of him, though.

I loved jelly bracelets.

It's not fun in your mouth til your tongue goes technicolor.

trapper keeper! i can still hear the "riiiiiiiiip" sound of the velcro and smell the plastic vinyl.