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Projects. Ideas. I'm not a perfect homeschooler, but I am a collector of good ideas!

The Easter Story... in an Egg! I've purchased the ones from the store, and everything gets lost and it ends up being a waste of money (because we never get to the story before the pieces get lost). This is a much more frugal way to do it!

This is a fun idea for our first day of #Homeschool funtivity. My question, though, why is this little girl listening to Katy Perry?

Getting the most out of your Netflix subscription to enhance the homeschooling day of visual learners.

Kids paint-by-numbers Nativity shared on Design Dazzle

Ohio's Founding Fathers ... Ohio History Resource

Ohio Historical Documents Website ... good resource for Ohio history.

Ultimate Homeschool Party on Pinterest ... Check it out! Get great ideas from other pinners/bloggers.

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The Planted Trees: How I Plan Our Homeschool Week

Using Google Calendar for Lesson Plans

How to Homeschool Preschoolers at Hodgepodge - lots of good, practical information here w/links to other blogs too!