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Magic Elf Seeds--Use tic tacs and sugar. The kids plant the 'seeds' before they go to bed and when they wake up they are candy canes! So cute for xmas eve!

You won't believe how simple it is to clear this up WITHOUT a trip to the waiting room and a bill! Pinkeye Remedy! gonna repin this now, just incase it's needed later

Remove the fake drawer below the sink and make it useful!

A "zoo" for all the stuffed animals This is soooo smart!

Use your old crib mattress for an upcycled reading nook - such a cute idea!

1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup (give or take) water. Knead until dough forms. Make impression. Bake at 200 for 3 hours. Do every summer and make a stepping stone path :)

Crepe paper the door for Christmas so they have to bust out when they wake up. Santas elves did this to make sure they stayed in their rooms. - I need to remember this in the future!

Purchase a new Bible a year before your childs event—perhaps their 16th birthday or high school graduation. Then, take a year to read through it with a Bible reading plan making notations in the margin written specifically to your child. Make comments about the verse’s special significance. Mention how you’ve seen a truth of scripture lived out in their life. Warn them of pitfalls. Encourage them with favorite verses underlined. Then, on their big day, wrap it up and give it to them as a gift.

"100 Things to Teach a Girl" This made my eyes water. I can't wait to teach my daughter all of these :)

Preserve your child's Christmas list in an ornament every year...I love this:)....

Phillippians 2:14-15 Jar - what a great idea. Put $5 in quarters in the jar each month. Every time they whine or complain you take a quarter out. (With siblings, you put it in the other siblings jar - makes the sting even worse!) At the end of the month they get to keep what is in the jar.

Homemade Ice packs: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it.

Santa Footprints = Baking soda and Glitter ... What a way to keep the magic alive! I hope I remember this someday

Easy DIY Father's Day card. "Walk a Little Slower, Daddy" poem and footprint. #FathersDay @Kim Knott- this would be PERFECT!

Waking up to balloons on your birthday! So sweet!

use hair spray and glitter to make tooth fairy money. need to remember this for future!

Martha's obstacle course party....

Cell Phone number bracelet. A good idea when traveling with little ones

A website with tons and tons of packable lunch ideas

19 Things We Should Say to Our Children.......often! I pretty much need to read this every day bc I don't want to forget to do any of this.

Nine ways to build your daughter's self esteem - some great advice in this article - this is so important to keep top of mind