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Thirteen exercises that can be done at home or the gym to make the dreaded bra bulge a thing of the past!

Saturday and Sunday are my free days so I will do tone up workouts along with wii boxing and walking/jogging if I can get to the park Eliminate back fat

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Tone, lift and perfect your backside with this series of 14 exercises that will make you feel the burn in no time!

If you've been aching for lean legs and toned inner thighs then this is the article for you. A collection of 60 muscle-sculpting moves to work all areas of the thighs (and more!) will be more than enough to get you well on your way to those gorgeous gams you've been envisioning.

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Awesome Ab Workout!! Great routine and when you do them right you feel your core working hard! Must do.

4 Moves for Insanely Toned Abs (#NoFilter)

4 Moves for Insanely Toned Abs (#NoFilter)

I just did this but doubled everything and my legs and stomach burns but i can already almost see results

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nighttime stretches to help you sleep better & improve flexibility.

OMG.........Thigh Blasters (Inner Thigh Toning Exercise) 1. Rip the front and back covers off an old magazine 2. Kneel on the floor and put one magazine cover under each knee 3.Maintaining an upright position, push your knees outwards as far as you can (about 1 - 1.5 feet apart), pause for a few seconds, and then use your inner thigh muscles (adductors) to bring your legs back together....

Much rather get in my work out everyday than to feel like I did 87lbs. heavier