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M&M Bow Tie Father's Day Card Idea for Kids to Make their Daddys! #frugal gift

M&M Tie Father's Day Card Idea - Sassy Dealz

Love this! my eddie says something like this to me all the time- wish we could have gotten together sooner so we could have had more time together, and i tell him way back i was the faithful wife and likely would not have cheated on ----- if i had we would have been the scandal of the neighborhood

How Long Should the Front be of an Untucked Button Up Shirt?

Your child's drawing on key chain for DAD. I need to remember this for Fathers Day!! Adorable!

"my mom has that on a plate!" @ashleyHancock (1) Buy plates from Dollar Store, (2) Write things with a Porcelain 150 Pen, (3) baked for 30 mins in the oven and it's permanent. It would be fun to have birthday plates for each kid and a fun way to give Christmas gifts too... Maybe trace kids hands, put a phrase or poem inside. Then place baked goods on top... Hmmm!

Valentine's Day pizza. Did this for dad last year.

For Valentines day 34 years ago, my mother bought my dad a card with this entire poem written inside. And for their wedding 33 years ago, my dad wrote chords to the lyrics and sang and played guitar to her as she walked down the isle. Sweetest love story-- Lou and Laurie Briegel. Love y'all! :)

I am soooo making 30 of these and giving them to my mom (from my dad) every day for 30 days before valentines day... Shhhhhh!!! ;)

Traced Hand to make "I love you", gotta make this for my little guy! He gives me this sign every morning when I drop him off at school ♥

Did this for Joel last Valentine's Day. You create a crossword of relationship facts. Sentimental and free!

Valentines ideas for boys - sew a bunch of little hearts and hide them all around the house for him to find.

great valentine for hubby - embroider a bag with "I love" and then cut scrapbook paper to fit chocolates, write reasons you love him on the backsides of the papers & attach to chocolates. When he unwraps them...