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I like how the first step is a clever way to do this.

Hair Care: How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro. I straighten my hair almost everyday so this is really helpful!

Flat Iron Tips and Tricks. Every girl can use these tips. Pin now read later

Sailor's knot braid: Four strand braid. 1) Divide hair into 4 sections and number them 1-4 from the left. 2) #1 over #2, #3 over #4. 3) #4 over #1. 4) Re-assign the numbers so that the section on the leftmost (originally #2) becomes #1. 5) Repeat from step 2. This is really easy. So easy in fact that I did it without a mirror and it turned out great. Love this braid! (Rated 5)

lessons from the pros: big, messy waves you'll be sad you didn't pin it

Secrets to contouring and highlighting based on your face shape.

Spray PAM on wet nails, wipe it off, and they are completely dry! Hmmm...have to try this idea from Real Simple magazine.

sounds crazy. Soak your strands with tea bags (chamomile, a golden mix for blondes; rooibos, a rich orange for redheads; or black tea, dark for brunettes) boiled in 2 cups of water once a week for high-wattage shine and rich color, whatever your hue. (Directions linked!)