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Pinterest Recipes

Recipes of quick and delicious food for that "On the Go Mami"!

Who knew eating healthy could be so delicious! Whole grain waffles with millet and poppy

Whole Grain Waffles with millet, poppy, sunflower, and flax

Hot Chocolate On A Stick

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Bake avocados at 450F for 5 minutes. Filling is a mixture of salsa/tomatoes, cheese, bread crumbs, basil, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper.

Baked Avocado Salsa

Polvorones (Pecan Shortbread Cookies) Recipe -

Polvorones (Pecan Shortbread Cookies) | SAVEUR
  • Connie Gus

    Yeah, so where IS the RECIPE??????

  • Sandy Cooper

    I clicked on this photo and followed it to a board that had cookie treat type things and the recipe was there. I pinned it again in two different places on my boards. 1. delightfully different cookies, 2nd. baked goods, pies, cookies etc. for all of you frustrated pinners! I also made a copy to try and in case I need to transfer it myself, so that the rest of you can also get to it. Yae! The recipe came from The Mexican Issue of the magazine SAVEUR.

  • Sandy Cooper

    click on the picture of the cookie and it took me to several different boards. I went through and looked for one that had cookie type treats and things and opened it. There was the recipe for these pecan cookies we have been looking for. Original recipe came from the Mexican Issue of the magazine SAVEUR. I pinned in again with the recipe showing on two different of my boards. Delightfully different cookies and Baked good, pies and cookies. Happy baking!

  • Sandy Cooper

    Also the first time I looked I didn't find it either, it just took me somewhere else. I didn't look hard enough.

  • audrey

    Click on the picture then you will get the recipe. It is there.

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Polvorones de almendra

Polvorones de almendra
  • Jane Garlin


  • karen cockrell

    How about giving recipes in the English language too! Looks good!

  • Sandy Cooper

    Please look on two of my other boards for this cookie recipe, but they look powdered sugary and stacked for presentation. Try clicking on the other recipe for this on one of two of my other boards. Delightfully different cookies or Baked goods, pies, cookies etc. It is frustrating when a great picture leads nowhere. The other recipe is in English and the recipe originally comes from The Mexican Issue of the magazine SAVEUR.

  • Nereida Reguera

    this is a Pecan shortbread cookies.

A Christmas Ponche, PLEASE! - Blog - Flaming Tortillas

A Christmas Ponche, PLEASE! - Blog - Flaming Tortillas

snow globe cookies

Fondant Snow Globe Cookies

Brownies with strawberry Santa hats - amazing!

santa hat brownies
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Perfect for the fall and winter: 20 Comforting Homemade Soup Recipes

20+ Comforting Homemade Soup Recipes :
  • MacKenzie Wiggin

    I want to try one of your soups Mimi

  • Kathleen Miner

    I love soups!

  • Virginia J Bennett

    Soup ....... my favorite comfort food !!!! Perogies too !!

  • Iva James

    I'm new at Pinterest...where is the tomato bread soup recipe? I've heard such good reports from my grandchildren. I'm 82 & love making soup

  • Sandy Cooper

    I am learning to check out my pins before I actually pin them as sometimes they have expired and are no longer viewable. So sorry if that happens to you following me.

Strawberry champagne mimosas

Trishy Rose: Red & Pink
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Ceviche de pescado or fish ceviche recipe
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