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Takes place in 1917 England during WWI. An interesting take on things as it is narrated from the perspective of and English nursing sister during the war.

The last President to live and travel without Secret Service protection after retirement. Fun book to read to see how different the world was then.

The Snow Child: A Novel by Eowyn Ivey – Set in the 1920s the novel tells the story of a childless couple who move to Alaska looking for a fresh start. When a young girl suddenly appears from the woods and begins to slowly approach the couple they are baffled. Is this the child they'd always prayed for? Or is the girl something more than she appears? What they discover will forever change the couple and the way they view their world. (from A Bit Bookish:JB pop-Eggs @

I found I enjoyed the book much more than the movie. The relationship between Lily and Snow Flower runs deep and spans a lifetime. They experience love, heartache and sorrow and ultimate betrayal because of pride. These two young girls grow into strong women who are completely different yet the same (Old Sames). This is a must read!

Great Series