Revenge of the Nerds: HUNKS wearing glasses

Photos of sexy men wearing glasses and showing that nerds can be cool

Hey four eyes... Highest paid male model in the UK and I think the industry at the moment. You would be too if you could sell glasses in your birthday suit. :)

Hunky cute nude nerd with hairy chest and glasses

Hunky buffed nerd looking into a mirror

Paul Francis wearing nerdy glasses butt looking so damn sexy

You can read me a story or just talk. I don't care.

Hunky shirtless nerd with bow tie and glasses

Hunky shirtless nerd wearing blue/black mesh briefs and glasses

Young nerd male wearing superman briefs wearing glasses

Cute guy wearing colorful swim trunks and wearing glasses

Hunky nerd with glasses wearing a form fitted pin striped long sleeve shirt

Hunky model Scott Mosley making me not even notice those nerdy glasses.

Actor Aaron Taylor Johnson

Model: Sam Robertson

Bearded nerd

Cute nerd with glasses

Six pack and tattooed hunk with glasses

Hunky Nerd

Model Mathias Oltmanns

Hunky nerd with beard and glasses wearing jeans

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