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The only thing more absurd than the plot of Sharknado is everything that actually happens in Florida.

hahaahaha ... Peanut totally does this to me!

Busty Girl Problems

Blouses every time, which is why I choose sweaters.

Funny but so not funny at the same time!

  • Amanda Jentink

    Liv, please don't start anything else. No I have not tried strawberry Cheerios... I am partial to the frosted kind. Please stop posting on here.

  • Amanda Jentink

    Leave Liv alone, Chloe. This catholic likes gay people and I have asked you to stop posting on here. If you want to help Liv, do it elsewhere. Do not use my Pinterest to help people who didn't ask for it. The only person who can judge is god, and if Liv and I are wrong, then god will judge us. I will NOT have you doing gods job on my stupid little pin. I am begging you to not post another thing on here. I have been polite and this is getting ridiculous. Leave my pin ALONE!

  • Liv Palmieri

    I dont know who you are? I was never talking to you

  • Amanda Jentink

    I already told you all to stop. Stop!

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