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Spreads for Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle, & Playing Cards

The great Spreads I both create and come across in my tarot wanderings.

Tarot Spreads - The Horseshoe Tarot Card Spread | Tarot Reading Psychic

It comprises 7 cards and can be interpreted in this way. Each partner has to assume Partner 1 or Partner 2 identity. I would interpret the spread like this; Card 1- my sexual style right now is…… Card 2- Your sexual style right now is…… Card 3- I am passionate about you because….. Card 4- You are passionate about me because………… Card 5- You make feel……… Card 6- I make you feel……….. Card 7- our sexual chemistry is……………….. isaacgranttarot.c...

Tarotize: Archangel Sachiel Tarot Spread

Archangel Sachiel Tarot Spread

Twin Flame Tarot Spread

Tarot Layouts - Priorities

Glaux's Nest: Tarot Layouts

Five Card Tarot Spread

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Decision Making Tarot

Mabon Tarot Card Spread

Mabon Tarot Card Spread

The Silver Lining Tarot Spread


Diamond Clarity Spread (For When You're Clueless) CARD 1: What do I need to know? CARD 2: What must I embrace? CARD 3. What must I avoid? CARD 4: Where from here?

Tarot Reading TwentyOne Card Gypsy Tarot Spread by RayneeDeigh,

Magpie Oracle Celtic Cross Casting Sheet

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The Bedroom Tarot Spread with the Decameron Tarot ;)

A Bedroom Reading with the Decameron Tarot