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Memorizing 10 commandments and mercy me song fall 2014- week 8

Fun Way to Memorize the Ten Commandments

Free Moses and the ten commandments printables and activities

Bible Fun For Kids: Moses & the 10 Commandments

Red Sea - Crossing the sea on dry ground. Children take turns being Moses and rest of class follows through the "sea". All young classes.

Blessings for Bible School Teachers: Crossing the Red Sea Centers

Bible Fun Zone Theme for my Sunday School Class. We will have this carnival type theme during the summer months. In this game, the kids will learn the names of the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Salvation Railroad what a super idea for any Sunday school teacher or EVERY Mom to make!

. . . to shine for Him each day. In every way try to please Him at home, at school, at play . . .

secret service mission for kids love this. We did this starting today and the kids got super creative in doing it. I also incorporated them serving someone in secret who is hard to serve. Great way to teach them to be like Jesus and love the unlovable too! 5-6-12 I think we adults could learn from this list also....

tHe fiCkLe piCkLe: Secret Service (Activity Days Activity)

Nothing is impossible with God object lesson idea. Good illustration for Sunday School or childrens church

Try the Egg in a Bottle Science Demonstration

DIY Inspiration Clouds and Raindrops made from Cardboard.