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materials: 1 2-liter soda bottle 1 water bottle Soil Sand Leaf compost Black construction paper and white / light colored crayons Dry baby cereal or breadcrumbs

E is for Explore!: Worm Hotel

6 of the most effective ways to store toys

6 Of The Most Effective Ways To Store Toys

Toddler Approved!: Gratitude Turkey Treat Jar. I absolutely love this idea. Use leftover Halloween candy to fill jars. Write things you're grateful for about a special person, then give them the gratitude turkey! Perfect for family members, grandparents, primary teachers, etc.

Fun, easy turkey crafts for kids to make

Planning to personalize your cap & gown for graduation? Try using iron-on letters to create this monogrammed look. Then, place the cap into a shadow box backed with graduation-themed scrapbook paper for a keepsake!

"Children thrive on repetition and routine. Traditions don’t need to be fancy to be exciting. family game night. dessert. pancake day. schedule in 15 min per kid per day just for play. birthdate date night. Each month on the number of their birthdate, each child gets a special date night." This post has some great ideas.

practical tips for intentional parenting - Not Consumed

Do you have to ask your child numerous times to do something? Learn how to use two powerful parenting tools to help get the outcome you want.

My Life and Kids

Crafts for boys is this better with a wider popcicle stick

DIY: Batik On Paper - Elmer's Blue School Gel, Liquid Watercolors & Salt = One Amazing Piece of Art. All the materials + the steps are listed. This is an awesome project for the kiddos!