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Shut Up I'm Talking

Shut Up I'm Talking photo on April 21, 2014 05:00:00 PM

Awesome dog that just makes me laugh

And guys wonder why we get so pissed! We loose $8,000 a month!!!

Peridot - An amazing fact about Peridot is that it is also a gemstone from outer space! It has been found in meteors that have fallen to earth from deep space. It has also been found (in its basic form called olivine) on Mars and the Moon!

Inspiration for my next pair of painted shoes

Deb and her ridiculous foul mouth was totally the highlight of the show for me.

Happy-Valentine onigiri bento

Bill Skarsgard, brother of Alexander.. Both pretty hot in my opinion..

Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types in Disney characters. Take the Jung test for your type at the left. The link is tiny, so squint! I retook the rest for fun; I'm the Mastermind personality, so I got Basil from Great Mouse Detective.

Blessing Bags - keep in car to hand out to homeless....teaches your kids about the art of giving!

Never Apologize for Selfies