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@Stephanie Pettiet they do come in blue! We must find them!

Vintage Stemware Rental ~ Teal Wine Glasses and Water Goblets

Loved these!

Oh hey '90s, I haven't forgotten about you! (23 photos)

90s kid! I really hate how hard they are to find in the US. You can find them in Canada.

15 Things Every Kid In The ‘90s Can Relate To

I totally had this... Tinkerbell cologne, talc, lotion and bubble bath.

SPRINKLES AND PUFFBALLS: Tinkerbell Play Cosmetics

26 Extinct Candies From The 80's

26 Extinct Candies From The 80's & 90's
  • Katherine Yarbrough

    Lol Mandy, this reminds me! Last year I cleaned out my grandmothers bathroom closet. I found PLENTY of "vintage" treasures. But, seriously. Who hold on to Benadryl from 1989?!? Lol

The Magic Window! A 10" plastic oval filled with special Blue & White Sand that would not mix. Swirling it around made these gorgeous seascapes and cloud formations and oceans - it was awesome!

Yeah...looked like a kilt