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Never judge a book by its Movie..

Books I love and movies from books I love and things that relate.

A Book Jar is where you write down titles of books you want to read on little slips of paper and put them in a jar (or whichever container you deem suitable!). Then you pick one out randomly to decide what to read next

The Book Jar Page

12 Books for People Who Loved Gone Girl (I haven't actually read Gone Girl yet, but I'm assuming I'd like it).

12 Books for People Who Loved Gone Girl

me reading any book really- DIVERGENT! THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!

me reading any book really -

12 Reasons Why You are Good Enough to Write a Book. Everyone tells my husband that he should write a book! And he should! Even though I have a journalism background, he is a much better writer than I. My funny honey is very witty! :)

12 Reasons Why You are “Good Enough” to Write a Book

What's A Witch To Do? {review by The Baking Bookworm}. A light, supernatural mystery. First book in a new series.

The Baking Bookworm: What's A Witch To Do?

I should just start handing these out to people when meeting them for the first time, so they can be prepared.

Ten books every girl should read in her 20's

This was just something i had to give props too! Disney After Ever After: What really happened after Disney movies ended... this is horrible, but so funny and he's so talented!!